Recycle @ School: It's the Law!

Did you know that recycling is the LAW in California?  Schools are required to recycle mixed paper (most types), cardboard, rigid plastic, glass bottles and jars, and metal containers to be in compliance.  Read more>>

SDUSD Recycling Challenge!

The 2021-22 SDUSD Recycling Challenge is here!  Earn cash prizes for your school by reducing waste, recycling, and increasing environmental awareness.  Click HERE for detailed information!

TREX Plastic Film Recycling Challenge

Every year hundreds of schools across the nation compete to recycle the most plastic film.  The contest begins on America Recycles Day (Nov. 15th) and lasts until April 15th.  Schools are provided promotional materials and three recycling bins. The winning school will receive a high performance composite bench!  Winners are announced on Earth Day.  For more information, click HERE.


Recycling Program

San Diego Unified School District

Operations Division

4860 Ruffner Street

San Diego, CA 92111


Janet Whited

Environmental Specialist


E-mail:  jwhited@sandi.net

Phone:  858-637-6268

SDUSD's Love Food Not Waste Program

Our food rescue program is currently on hold as we work to revise necessary protocols and identify hunger relief agencies able to partner with SDUSD. For more information on the original program, click HERE.


ON-GOING - PepsiCo Recycle Rally


Recycle Rally is a free nationwide program that benefits K-12 schools and students by providing incentives and resources to help make recycling easy, fun, and rewarding.  For more information, click HERE.

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As other funding opportunities become available they will be listed here.