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What can I do to recycle at my school?


All elementary schools in our District have access to a school recycling program for mixed recyclables.  Mixed recyclables include all types of  paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, rigid plastics, metal, and more!


Get your friends to Choose Blue! 


Do you cringe every time you see a fellow student throwing away recyclable paper, cans, or bottles? You can do something to stop this from happening! 

Step 1:  Explain how to participate. Remind your classmates NOT to use the blue recycling bins as trash cans! Trash contaminates the recyclables and may cause all of the recyclables to be thrown away.

Step 2:  Post a sign on or above the recycling bin that shows the types of materials that can and cannot be recycled at school.   

Step 3:  Ask your teacher to assign a Recycling Monitor for your class.  A Recycling Monitor (RM) checks the classroom recycling and trash cans a few times a day to make sure everyone is participating properly.  If there is trash in the recycling bin or recyclables in the trash can, the RM can make a quick announcement to the class reminding them how to participate in the recycling program.  Your teacher can assign rotating Recycling Monitors to give everyone a chance to help out.

Step 4:  Organize a Green Team, Planet Protectors, or Eco-Club.  It should consist of students, custodians, teachers, and administrators.  Ask if your crew can help collect recyclables from classrooms during a certain time each day or on one particular day each week.  Some schools place recycling bins in hallways and ask classroom Recycling Monitors or Green Team students to empty classroom recyclables into the hallway bins. In some cases, students help transport the recyclables to the large recycling dumpster where an adult can take it from there.


Breakfast in the Classroom 

Set up a program to collect recyclables from the Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) program


Lunchtime Recycling

Capture lunchtime recyclables, such as milk & juice carton & boxes, Lunchables boxes & trays, beverage containers, school lunch trays, and more!


Collect leftover salad bar waste for composting in your school garden.

Recycling Bins & Equipment


Due to tight budgets, our school district doesn't usually have a budget to buy new bins, but you can always check with your Building Services Supervisor or the Recycling Program first.  The Recycling Program may be able to provide a limited number of classroom recycling bins and blue recycling carts (like those used for residential curbside recycling) at no charge to schools.  Click the blue button below to request recycling carts. 


If you need other types of recycling bins, such as for cans and bottles, ask your school's PTA, PTO, or Foundation about setting up a fundraiser so you can buy recycling bins for your school. Maybe a local business would be able to sponsor the purchase of the bins.

Program Tips


Spread the word about your new recycling campaign.  


  • Make eye-catching signs and posters and post them all over campus

  • Place recycling bins next to trash bins to make it easy for students to choose recycling. 

  • Make announcements over the school Public Announcement system

  • Hold a kick-off event or recycling assembly to jump-start your program. 

  • Ask if Green Team members can go to each class to explain what can be recycled at school 

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