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UPDATE 2023-24 School Year: We are working to bring back our food rescue program this year!  We are currently partnering with several local hunger relief agencies to rescue packaged and individually wrapped (IW) food items from a number of our kitchens.  As capacity allows, we will add additional items for rescue.   We are also working to identify additional food rescue agencies that can accept food from our schools.

LOVE FOOD NOT WASTE is a food recovery and rescue program of SDUSD. Our goal is to feed people, NOT landfills.  Often times after offering our students healthy, nutritious meals, there may be some prepared food that’s leftover. In the past, most of this food from our nineteen school production kitchens and 159 cafeteria kitchens was destined for the landfill. But then that changed…Through our Love Food Not Waste program, this food was rescued and provided to local hunger relief organizations.  These organizations were then able to extend a meal to those facing food insecurity in and around our school communities.

Since the program’s inception in September 2016 through December 2019 more than 615,000 pounds of food was rescued from school meals, equating to 492,500 meals provided to our local community!

Check out this video on our past program! 

Find more information and resources on SDUSD's Love Food Not Waste program.

Offer vs. Serve - Feed Students Not the Landfill!

Check out this short video made for students on what makes a school meal.  Students learn how to be part of the food waste reduction solution at their school.  

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