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Well, not exactly everything, but many of the items that would normally get tossed in the trash can be recycled in the District's commingled recycling program.

Paper Products: (minimize food residue if possible):  notebook paper, spiral notebooks, construction and poster/butcher paper, colored paper, newspaper, magazines, catalogs and paperback books, envelopes, post-it notes, manila folders, paper bags (empty fast food and lunch sacks), paperboard boxes (i.e. tissue, food and packaging boxes), pizza boxes (side with less grease), milk and juice cartons, molded fiber packaging, lunch trays (no food), and drink carriers, paper "boats," wrapping paper, paper packaging, etc. Staples and paper clips are OK.

NO paper towels, tissue (Kleenex), paper coffee or soda cups, laminated paper, or paper plates.


Cardboard: Boxes, sheets, packaging, and pizza boxes (side with less grease). Flatten when possible to save space.  


Rigid Plastic: Empty out any food or liquid. All bottles, jugs, jars, tubs, lunch bowls & lids, condiment cups & lids, microwave trays/bowls, clear salad/food containers and cups (including coffee shop cups & dome lids), pails, buckets, baskets, crates and agricultural trays & pots. NO plastic cutlery/sporks, straws, plastic bags, baggies, food bags/wrappers, PVC pipe, electronics, laminated paper, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, or other film plastic.

Aluminum/Tin/Metal:  Empty out any food or liquid.  Includes aluminum cans, clean foil, food service products, tin cans, empty aerosol cans, etc.  Larger metal items and furniture can be picked up by Distribution and recycled at the Supply Warehouse.


Glass Bottles & Jars:  All EMPTY glass bottles and jars. Lids and labels are OK.  NO plate, drinking, mirror or window glass, ceramics, light bulbs/lamps, etc.



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District Facilities Recycling

District schools and facilities also participate in additional recycling programs, including:


Shredded Paper Recycling

Shredding services are available for District confidential materials. 



Batteries & Lamps 

District sites must collect batteries and lamps (fluorescent and other types of bulbs) for recycling, proper handling, and/or disposal.



Electronic Waste

Computers, keyboards, electronics, and other items with an electrical cord are recycled through Materiel Control.



Supply Exchange

Share unwanted office supplies, books, teaching resources, & more!

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