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District schools and administrative facilities participate in several additional recycling programs that keep material from landfill disposal. It is illegal to put universal waste (batteries, certain lamps, and electronics) in the trash. These programs help the District remain in compliance with the law.  In addition to the programs listed below, the District also recycles wood pallets and scrap metal.


Note:  Links on this page can only be accessed by District employees.

Batteries & Lamps

Most batteries and many types of light bulbs and lamps cannot be thrown in the trash by law. Each District site collects batteries and lamps (fluorescent and other types of bulbs) for recycling, proper handling, and/or disposal.


Sites must e-mail the Environmental Health & Safety Office at to schedule a pick up of properly packaged lamps and batteries. Requests for replacement battery collection buckets or boxes for lamps can be included when submitting a pickup request. For more information and to print container labels, click HERE.  

Shredded Paper Recycling

Shredding services are available for District confidential materials. Please place confidential documents in a cardboard box, tape closed, and mark "FOR SHREDDING." Give box(es) to your site's Distribution driver for delivery to the Supply Warehouse for shredding.  All shredded paper is recycled by our contractor.

Electronic Waste

Electronic waste, including computers, keyboards, small appliances and anything with a cord, can be recycled through the District's Materiel Control program.  


For more information on how to transfer electronic waste items to Materiel Control, please click HERE.

Supply Exchange

The District's Supply Exchange is available on the employee portal, Inside Unified. Teachers and staff can post items that they no longer want or need in hopes of finding someone else that can use them.  Postings are availabe for both Available and Wanted items.



Toner & Printer Cartridges

District Toner & Cartridge Supplier Recycling Program:  Rasix Computer Center/Academic Supplier offers a FREE recycling program for toner and printer cartridges. Simply e-mail their office with a request for a box(es) with a pre-paid UPS label.  Include your name, district location name, and address for them to send the box(es) to you.  The boxes hold approximately 10-12 cartridges. When full, seal the box, apply the UPS label, and leave it for your next UPS pickup.

Rasix Computer Center/Academic Supplier

Veronica Perez

619-671-2000 x103

Sharp Stop Drop Recycle Program:  If you utilize Sharp printers or copiers, you can receive FREE collection kits for Sharp cartridges, bottles, toner collection containers, and drum units.  Click HERE for more information.

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