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2021-22 Recycling Challenge
From September 2021 - March 2022

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Due to the pandemic and school closures last year, we were unable to host the 2020-21 SDUSD Recycling Challenge.  We're excited to be back in full swing and to once again offer the SDUSD Recycling Challenge for the 2021-22 school year!  Your school could win cash prizes!


All schools that receive waste and recycling services through the District contract with Republic Services are automatically registered in the SDUSD Recycling Challenge. A baseline of waste disposal and recycling service levels has been set for each school with calculations based on overall diversion (by volume) and the volume of material generated per-student.  An emphasis is placed on lower trash volume and costs, and increases in recycling diversion.  Our goal is to increase recycling participation to keep materials from landfill disposal, as well as to "right-size" both trash and recycling service levels to reduce costs to the General Fund.


NEW!  This year's Challenge is points-based.  Schools that submit an on-line Recycling Challenge Award Nomination Form by March 1, 2022 that demonstrates their school's efforts to educate and promote recycling, waste diversion, and/or sustainability efforts on campus will receive additional points. 


Scoring Rubric (100 points total)

  • Overall school waste diversion - volume based (highest %):  60 points 

  • Volume of Trash Generated/per Student/per Month - (lowest volume):  20 points

  • Submission of Recycling Challenge Award Nomination Form:  20 points total (see breakdown below)

    • Classroom/Office Recycling Program in place:  3 points

    • Lunchtime Recycling Program in place:  7 points

    • Other Waste Reduction and Diversion Efforts (i.e. composting, reuse, etc.):  5 points

    • Recycling/Sustainability Education, Outreach, & Awareness Activities:  5 points

The Challenge runs from September 2021 - March 2022

For more information and a printable document with Challenge details click the GREEN LINK below.  To access the  on-line (Google Form) Recycling Challenge Award Nomination Form, click the BLUE LINK below.



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Check out the Prizes!

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top two schools in each grade level category with the most points.  A Most Improved award will be presented to the school that may not have reached the top tier, but made significant strides in their diversion level over the course of the school year.

In Spring 2022, winning schools will be recognized and receive monetary awards:


Winner:  $750

Runner-Up:  $500

Middle Schools

Winner:  $1,000

Runner-Up:  $750

High Schools

Winner:  $1,250

Runner-Up: $1,000

Most Improved (any school): $250

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